Learning Curves

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Learning Curves

If any of you have ever built a website and never went to school for website design you can surely understand the whole thing is a huge learning process. The past week I managed to crash this site with a simple Twitter plug-in called HL Twitter, which I would highly recommend staying away from at all cost! I had to change a few things because another plug-in I was using Jetpack decided to stop working after an update, leaving me having to find other plugins to replace what Jetpack did for the site.  Website design and building is a tough deal mostly because the technology is always changing. Once you get the hang of it, the latest, greatest new thing comes along and you get to start all over again figuring stuff out! Here is some advice if any of you are using a wordpress based website. First off when stuff stops working, disable all of your plugins and reactivate each one at a time. After each one you reactivate check to see if that is the one that is messing with your site. This will save you a ton of time, and most often the culprit of a wordpress site not working correctly is usually after an update and a plugin is not compatible with the most recent update yet.  Regardless the site is fixed; we are back up and running and have had a ton of exciting events happening here at The Happiest Horse!

Just yesterday our hard copy version of our book The Happiest Horse Part I The Basic’s. It can be purchased on Createspace at https://www.createspace.com/4117128 and will be available by the end of the week on Amazon.com. The print version is $12.99 and the e-copy of the book is $2.99. Therefore, no need to own an ereader and now you can enjoy the book in print! I personally am not a fan of reading things on a computer and prefer to actually hold a hard copy in my hand, so I understand. The E-reader revolution is the future especially due to high postage cost and printing cost, it is just going to be one of those things we all will have to accept eventually.

On another note, things are warming up here in Colorado, and soon I will have a review on the Buddy Seat for western saddles that allows you to comfortably and safely bring your little ones along for rides with our equine friends. My little girl is super excited to try it out and we are both hoping it is everything we have been hoping it would be.  So far, the Buddy seat looks very promising as the stirrups can easily be adjusted to toddler length, it has handles to hold on, and lots of padding for comfort. If things dry out in the next week Chance, Addy, and me will be headed out for an adventure. Right now we have mud that will suck the boots right off your feet! You sure can tell when your getting old and tired when it seems like a lot of work to clean a layer of mud off your tack in the Spring!  We will fill you in on the details after the ride!

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